Doose syndrome is a rare catastrophic form of early childhood epilepsy with no known cause or cure. We exist to improve quality of life and provide support for families.

Myoclonic Atonic Epilepsy

What is Doose syndrome

Doose syndrome is a rare form of early childhood epilepsy that usually begins between the ages of 1 and 5. The median age at onset is 3 years old. Children are usually developing normally prior to onset. Currently, the cause of this condition is still undetermined though it is believed to be genetic.

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Whitney was developing 100 percent normal, with a fun, outgoing, spunky personality. Whitney’s first seizure was a few weeks after she turned 4, it was …

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Oscar had his first seizure a few weeks after his 3rd birthday, a week later another, doctors said they didn’t think he was having seizures …

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My daughter Grace has always been very healthy when suddenly she had hat first tonic-clonic seizure on the 4th of September 2016. After that, she …

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Ollie had his first seizure in February 2017, at 2 years old. It started with one, and then quickly escalated to 80 mixed seizure types …

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Intense, but short-lived STORM. Noah’s first seizure was 5/22/09, and it was a grand Mal. Prior to this, he was a normally developing, very active, …

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The first seizure was at 3 yrs 1 month. My 5 yr old daughter asked me while I was in the kitchen working “Mommy…. Why …

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Tobias was a typically developing toddler until his first seizure at age 2 years, 4 months. We have no family history of epilepsy let alone …

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Our journey started when Balsam was two and a half. He was doing yoga in our living room. As he bent himself into downward dog, …

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In 2015 my life changed completely. Kiegan hit his head at the laundry mat causing a concussion and a 7-minute long seizure. The doctors thought …

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