Next Steps

Along with the seizures themselves, other comorbidities (simultaneous presence of other conditions or diseases) such as physical, cognitive, and social/emotional delays often develop after onset. Issues of behavior can also become prevalent. This can be a particularly difficult aspect of the condition for parents because of the regression they may see in these areas. Addressing the seizures themselves is the priority, but to maximize a child’s potential cognitive and developmental outcomes a multidisciplinary approach to treating the whole child should be pursued. For this information particularly look at the section under Finding Support labeled Developmental and Educational support.

Also, visit our Treatment Options section for a variety of content aimed at helping you equip yourselves and others to succeed.  Make sure to read over the Seizure Safety section for information on how to best protect your children from the impact of various forms of seizures.  This includes information on seizure monitoring, protective equipment, emergency plans, and more.