Diet Therapies

Many children with MAE have had tremendous success with the ketogenic diet and it is now regarded by leading treating neurologists as one of the most effective anti-epileptic treatments for this disorder which is typically resistant to medications. Based on so many success stories that we as a group have witnessed, the important message to convey to parents new to MAE is that the ketogenic diet should be considered as a realistic treatment, not a last resort, and ideally earlier in the diagnosis if first-line treatments have failed.

Findings on the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in treating MAE were reported in 2005. Dr Laux and associates, from Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, retrospectively analysed the records of 10 children with MAE who received the ketogenic diet. Of these 10 children, 7 either became seizure-free or experienced a greater than 90% seizure reduction, and the remaining 3 children had a greater than 50% seizure reduction. This study showed that patients with MAE are highly responsive to the effects of the ketogenic diet. (Refer to Medscape - view article 496929.)

If a child with MAE has failed first-line medications and/or has shown a sensitivity or intolerance to medications, then the ketogenic diet is worthy of serious consideration.

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