Jack’s Story

Jack Andresen was a normal 3 year old boy with no previous medical problems until May 28th 2010, he experienced his first seizure in his car seat on the way to the grocery store. This began our family’s nightmare. Jack was rushed to Rush Copley hospital where they told us he might have had a fibril seizure with no warning, being sick or even a fever. The next day, he had his first grand mal seizure. This was the first of several. Jack was first given Keppra but we found out that didn’t work. Then Jack began to have different types of seizures. Every few weeks, he would add a new type of seizure to the mix until he was having combinations of absence, myoclonic, atonic, tonic-clonic seizures daily. Some days, he would have over 80 seizures in a day. The neurologist team admitted him over 20 times in 3 month period including endless blood draws and several video EEG’s. Although going through this nightmare, Jack remained an optimistic 3 year old that was tired but never lost his spirit. Jack was given several different combinations of medications such as, Depakote, Clonazepan, diastat, dilantin, Tegretol, Tiagbine, zarontin, and injections of ACTH. They finally diagnosed Jack with MAE. My poor son only seem to get worse until they referred us to Children’s Memorial in Chicago where we met Dr. Epstein. They took him off all his medication except Depakote and upped the dose. His seizures were less frequent but still several a day. They explained to us that only a few medications may work but based on the diagnosis, if they didn’t, we were out of options except for a diet. I was mortified to hear that they couldn’t help my son. I was even more upset at the idea of a HIGH fat diet with little carb/protein for my child. My sister Jennifer was the one that told me these words which is why we are here today writing this story. She said to me, “Why is it so awful to think that the food we put in our bodies is worse that ALL the drugs we pumped into his little veins and down his throat?” It made perfect sense and we met with Dr Robyn Blackford. After a shaky start of understanding our role in food preparation, mommy got the hang of it and Jack gave up the sugar. We have been seizure free since November 9th! I read a lot of stories of parents that have struggled for years and I was so fortunate enough to be told early on about this miracle diet. It is not easy for anyone but quality of my little Jacks life is back. His little smile and spirit, the thousands of prayers we received and this diet have changed the course of this little mans life. Thank you!!!