United States of America

www.epilepsyfoundation.org this is the national site but it gives links for the local chapters in your area.

www.epilepsy.com this is a great resource with forums, different links on different therapies such as the ketogenic diet

www.charliefoundation.org this organization promotes the Ketogenic Diet as a frontline treatment for intractable epilepsy. This is a great resource there is a list of docs and centers that do the diet, recipes etc.

www.wrightslaw.com this site helps in understanding an IEP, special education law etc. Great source when our kids go to school.

www.nichy.org this site will help with finding early intervention services in your state there is a state resources page that gives contact numbers etc.

www.socialsecurity.gov this is where you can start the application process to get disability benefits for your child.

www.dannydid.org this foundation provides grants for Emfit Monitors.

www.atkinsforseizures.com this site provides information on the Modified Atkins for Seizures diet. There is also an ebook available on this site that you purchase for download.

www.seizuretracker.com this is a wonderful resource that allows you to keep a detailed record of your childs seizure activity. You add the meds your child is on, it tracks dr. appts, you can even add VNS information if child has VNS.

www.vnaa.org this is a site that help you find home nursing care for your child regardless of ability to pay.

www.medicaid.gov this site has state by state info for Medicaid and CHIP programs.

http://www.naec-epilepsy.org/default.htm this site will direct people to Epilepsy centers in their area.

http://www.p2pusa.org/p2pusa/sitepages/p2p-home.aspx this site is for Parents of Children with Special Needs it connects parents with other parents whose children have the same issues.