Australia and New Zealand This is a site that provides numerous services including educational, medical and community resources. It has branches all over New Zealand. guide for disability services in Auckland and Northland Regions. This site covers both government disability services and private services. this is the website for the New Zealand Ministry of Health there is a tab for disability services. this organization raises funds to help people with epilepsy in New Zealand. The sole focus on this page does seem to be fundraising. This is a page that lists different special education schools with phone numbers etc. this is the portion of the Ministry of Education that deals with Special Education in New Zealand. This site assures that people living with epilepsy in Australia are connected to the proper organizations that will help them with whatever they need. Also this site has a whole section dedicated to SUDEP. This site also provides links to epilepsy organizations within each state/territory in Australia this is the portion of the site dealing with special education. It provides links to all relevant associations within each state/territory in Australia.